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Ouzel Outfitters
Box 817
Bend, Oregon 97709

Raft and Inflatable Kayak Rentals 

Ouzel Outfitters has raft & equipment rentals available in Bend, Oregon, for the do-it-yourself rafter.
Popular destinations include the Grand Ronde River, McKenzie River, Umpqua River, Deschutes River and John Day River. We assume that rental customers have the knowledge and experience to safely and properly use the equipment rented. Rental customers are NOT guided guests. We cannot make recommendations on appropriate rivers or river segments.

We cannot deliver or pick-up rafts. Rafts and equipment must be picked up from, and returned to, the Ouzel warehouse in Bend, Oregon. Trailer rentals are not available. Rafts and kayaks may be transported either inflated or deflated. If deflated, we will provide you with an electric inflator. A valid driver's license and major credit card are required and advanced reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can only be made by phone. Please call 541-385-5947 for availability and reservations.
2-Day Minimum on Weekends
All rentals including any part of the period from 12:00 p.m. on Friday to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday must pay for a minimum of two days. One-day weekend rentals are available for remaining rafts after 12:00 p.m. on Friday. This does not apply to inflatable kayaks and accessory equipment.
We Do NOT Rent
Portable Toilets, Rescue Equipment (throw ropes), First Aid Kits, Kitchen or Camping Gear, Paddle Jackets/wetsuits.
12' Standard Floor (Riken Hopi) 
Paddle or Oar. Oar includes frame with 70qt cooler and bench seat, gear sling, bailing bucket. This is a 2-thwart paddle raft.  $75/day or $450/week (up to 7 days)
14' Self-Bailing Raft (Hyside)
Paddle or Oar. Oar set up includes frame with 120qt cooler, bench seat and room for an additional cooler or dry box (not included), gear sling. This is a 3-thwart paddle raft. $90/day or $540/week (up to 7 days)
16' Standard Floor Gear Raft (Achilles)
Oar only.  Includes frame with 120qt cooler, 20" x 40" gear deck, drop bag with camp table cover (acts as bench seat), 36" aluminum dry box, gear sling or board. $100/day or $600/week (up to 7 days)
16' Self-Bailing Gear Raft (NRS)
Oar only. includes frame with 120qt cooler, 24" x 45" gear deck, drop bag with camp table cover (acts as bench seat), gear sling or board. $125/day or $750/week (up to 7 days)

Single Person Inflatable Kayak (Hyside Padillac)  
Includes pfd, paddle, pump, helmet. $35/day or $210/week (up to 7 days)
Other Items Available:
River Dry Bags: $5/day ($25 with weekly package)
60 or 80 Qt. Cooler : $10/day ($50/week)
Aluminum Dry Box: $10/day ($50/week)
PFD (Type V Adult or Youth): $5/day ($25/week)
Paddles: $3/day ($15/week)
Oars (Carlisle 8.5', 9' 10'): $6/day ($30/week)

Click here for more information and directions to our warehouse in Bend.

Rental Cancellations & Refunds:  Full payment is due at the time of reservation for all rentals.  Cancellations are accepted up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled rental pick-up, however, a non-refundable 10% charge will apply in all instances. No refunds are given if cancellation is within 72 hours of your scheduled pick-up. A $25 cleaning fee per raft ($10/kayak) will be charged for all boats not returned free of dirt, mud, sand, etc. All renters must sign an "assumption of risk" form accepting responsibility for themselves and all damage to or loss of rented equipment. Cleaning fees will be charged if equipment is not clean when returned.

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