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Ouzel Outfitters
Box 817
Bend, Oregon 97709

Used Rafts For Sale
 63043 Sherman Road, Bend, OR
541-385-5947  ♦   brian@oregonrafting.com

All rafts are sold as is. We will disclose all defects and/or suspected problems and provide copies of recent maintenance records. 

(2000) 16' NRS Self-Bailing Raft (E-160) - SOLD
Includes steel frame (16' rear port, 24" wood deck, 18" front port) with removable oar stands. Also includes 4 thwarts if you want to run it as a paddle raft. No other accessories are included. This raft has 7 minor patches and needs a new stern handle. Otherwise, it's in great shape and stays inflated. It was never in full-time use, doing 6-8 trips each year on the Deschutes and Lower Salmon Rivers. 


(2018) Hyside Pro 14.8 Self-Bailing Raft (175ASB4U) - $4500
Purchased last year and used less than 10 times. It turned out to be the wrong raft for the job we had in mind. This boat is essentially brand new. The "Ouzel" logo will be removed.  MSRP is $5895. 

 (1999) 14' Hyside Self-Bailing Raft  (166ASB3U) - $800 - SOLD
As pictured, no frame or accessories. This raft has seen a lot of use and might be considered a bit "ratty", but it holds air well and has many more years of life left in it. It has 9 patches, the strake is peeling off on one end and the thwarts are wearing on the edges.


(1998) 14' Hyside Self-Bailing Raft (166ASB3U) - SOLD
As pictured. No frame or accessories. This raft has seen a lot of use but is in fairly good shape after 20 years of use. It has half a dozen patches and the strake and seam tape are peeling in a few places. The top chafe strip is also peeling at one end.

(1986) 12' Riken Hopi Non-Self-Bailing Raft - $750.00
Includes steel frame with front and rear bench and takes up to an 80 qt cooler. Includes 2 thwarts. No other accessories are included. This raft is old, but only has 7 or 8 patches - mostly on the floor. It holds air well.


16' Hyside PRO-Series Self-Bailing Raft (196ASBU)
 Coming Soon.
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