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River Rafting Policies & Requirements

Below are outlined our notices and policies regarding participation in an Ouzel Outfitters rafting trip.  If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to call or email.  Scroll down or click the links below to jump to a specific section.

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Whitewater rafting (and the activities associated with rafting) is properly characterized as an adventure sport. Adventure sports, by definition, include inherent risks to participants which are impossible to eliminate. The appeal of adventure sports is due in large part to the presence of these risks and one's participation in an adventure sport necessarily requires an assumption of those risks. It is incumbent upon you to determine if you and every member of your party is physically and mentally capable of participating in the chosen activity. Furthermore, it is part of your responsibility as a guest to be properly prepared for the trip – this means, among other things, appropriate clothing for actual conditions and to follow all policies, procedures and instructions provided by Ouzel staff.  If you have questions about the level of risk and/or safety in general, please do not hesitate to call or email. If you are wondering if a river trip is right for you, read our participation requirements below and don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions.
Assumption of Risk
All guests are required to sign an Assumption of Risk form prior to their trip. This form outlines the risks inherent in whitewater rafting and the activities related to a river trip. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have a form signed by their parent or legal guardian and returned to our office prior to departure. Click here to view an Assumption of Risk form. We are always happy to fax or email a copy of the form. View our Assumption of Risk form.
Participation Requirements
Whitewater rafting is an outdoor activity that requires moderate physical exertion and exposure to the elements. There are risks associated with whitewater rafting and the related activities that are impossible to eliminate. While we take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk associated with the activity, it is vitally important for our guests to understand what is required of them and to appreciate and assume the associated risks.
  • Guests must be able to understand written and/or oral information regarding health and safety presented prior to and during the course of a trip. Guests must follow instructions and guidelines given by Ouzel staff members during the course of a trip and are expected to exercise good judgement for themselves and their minor children during the course of a trip.
  • Guests must properly fit our life vests. Youth vests are rated for a minimum weight of 50 lbs. Our largest vests are rated to fit up to a 58" chest. While actual weight and sizes vary with regard to a proper fit, a proper fit must be achieved.
  • Guests must be able to ride/sit upright in a raft for up to (or longer than) two hours at a time and must be able to hold and effectively use a paddle. Paddling requires repetitive motion and moderate physical exertion over short periods of time.
  • Guests must be able to negotiate rocky and/or uneven ground at launch locations, while in and around camp (such as to access the bathroom) during stops for lunch or optional hikes, or during portages (such as Rainie Falls on the Rogue River). Guests must be able to enter and exit the raft.
  • Guests must be comfortable in the water while wearing a personal floatation device and must have the ability to make progress toward a raft or shore if they fall out of the raft.
  • Guests are expected to disclose health, medical or personal information that is pertinent to the health and safety of themselves, their minor children, fellow guests or Ouzel staff.
  • Guests are expected to adequately prepare themselves and minor children with the proper apparel and other personal items appropriate to the nature and length of the trip.
  • Guests must understand that Ouzel Outfitters reserves the unilateral right to dismiss participants at any time before or during a trip for refusal to follow instructions or for an Ouzel staff member's subjective judgement that a participant is not able to do the activity.
Ouzel Outfitters will make any and all reasonable accomodations to include those who may have difficulty with any of the elements listed above. Many of the requirements listed above can be met with the extra assistance of guides, family members or friends. Our goal is to make our trips accessible to the widest range of participants possible within the bounds of prudence and safety. Don't hesitate to call our office if you have questions or concerns regarding physical limitations or the requirements listed above.
Reservation Policies
Reservations are required for all trips and can be made by telephone or securely online.  Reservations are also required for rentals and must be made by telephone.  We accept checks and all major credit cards.  Availability for trips is limited and our non-refund policies apply in all cases.
Pricing, Discounts & Fees
Trip prices and fees are subject to change at any time. Price changes will NOT be applied retroactively to your reservation.  Discounts are offered for regular-priced trips only.  Specialty trips such as those we run in partnership with other organizations and some special-focus trips have special pricing and may not eligible for discounts. Discounts cannot be combined or used in conjunction with other discounts, special offers or coupons.  We will, however, always give you the best discount available.
Loyal Customer Discount:
Have you made a rafting reservation with Ouzel before? Great! We would like to thank you for being an Ouzel Outfitters loyal customer by offering you a 10% savings on all regularly priced trips forever.
AAA Discount:
Save 10% with your AAA Membership! AAA discounts are capped at $200 per reservation. Please have your member number available.
Group Discounts:
On half and one-day trips, for groups of 10 to 19 we offer a 5% discount. For groups of 20 or more we offer a 10% discount. On multi-day trips, for groups of 10 or more we offer a 5% discount.
LifeBalance Members:
LifeBalance members receive a 10% discount on all regularly priced trips. Please have your member number available.
Standby Fares:
For half & one-day trips we occassionally offer remaining seats on the following day's trips at half price! Standby fares are only available by phone after 3:00 p.m. the day before the trip and cannot be held or reserved in advance. Availability can change very quickly. What was available at 3:05 might not be available at 3:15.   Standby fares offered for multi-day trips will be posted on our Trip Special Page - usually one week prior to the trip.
Travel Agents
We do not offer travel agent discounts.
Additional Fees
There are no additional fees added for normal or necessary elements of the trip.  Charges may be added for additional pre and post-trip services if requested by a guest.
Payment Plans
Half and One-Day Trips
Full payment or a credit card guarantee is due at time of reservation. 
Multi-Day Trips
For all Rogue, Salmon and Owyhee trips a deposit of $250/person is due at time of reservation. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your trip date and is non-refundable.
For all Deschutes, North Umpqua and Day John Day trips a deposit of $100/person is due within 7 days of making your reservation.  Final payment is due 30 days prior to your trip date and is non-refundable.
Private Multi-Day Trips
For private or customized trips, pricing, payment and cancellation policies will be tailored to your trip. Please check your trip confirmation letter or call our office for more information. 
Cancellation Policies
If water conditions or other uncontrollable circumstances require us to cancel your trip you will be offered a full refund. This includes cancelaltion due to COVID-19-related mandates from local, state or federal authorities. Please note, that in these extraordinary times, businesses are being put under extreme financial pressure - outfitters are no exception. As a result, refunds may be delayed. We ask for patience and understanding from our guests. Ouzel has survived many crisis over the last 41 years and we will survive this one. We are well-insured and bonded.  Read our COVID-19 Statement.
A minimum number of participants is required for each trip. If your trip is in danger of being canceled due to a lack of participants we will notify you 30 days in advance for multi-day trips and 7 days in advance for half & one-day trips. If your trip is canceled due to a lack of participants you will receive a full refund. At the time you are notified that your trip may be cancelled, you have the option to reschedule your trip, wait for more reservations or to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.  Space for trips is limited so our cancellation/refund policies apply in all cases. If you must cancel your trip and are not eligible for a refund, you may find someone to take your place. 
Half and One-Day Trips
Payments are fully refundable up to 30 days prior to your trip date. Cancellations received within 30 days of your trip date are subject to a $10/person cancellation fee. No refunds are offered for cancellations received within 48 hours of your trip date. Cancellation fees will be held as a credit for one year.
Multi-Day Trips
Deposits are fully refundable up to 60 days prior to your trip date. Within 60 days of your trip date the deposit is non-refundable. No refunds are offered for cancellations received within 30 days of your trip date. Trip insurance is highly recommended.
Trip Cancellation Insurance
We highly recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect your vacation investment. Get more information about travel insurance from Travel Insurance Services or ask us to send you a brochure. 
Information Privacy Policy
Contact Information
It is necessary for Ouzel Outfitters to collect a variety of personal information from our guests as well as from those who inquire about our services or request information. Contact information such as name, mailing address, phone number and email addresses collected by phone, email or through any of our online submission or paper forms is stored in a password proteted data base on our server.  This information is not sold to or shared with any other entitiy.  You may at any time request that we remove your contact information from our mailing and/or email list.
 Health, Medical, Dietary and other Personal Information
For guests participating in our trips, it is necessary for us to collect  health, medical, dietary and other personal information that is pertinent to the health and safety of our guests and staff.  This information is reviewed by our reservation and operation staff and provided to the guides assigned to your trip. While office staff or guides may wish to discuss with you specific information that you have provided, this information is not shared with other trip participantd or employeed not directly involved in your trip.  
 Other Information
Over the course of a rafting season, we receive many comments, letters and photos from our guests via email and through our website.  It is also possible that an Ouzel employee has taken photos and/or video during the course of your trip.  We reserve the right to use any such comments and/or imagery collected during the course of a trip or received thereafter for marketing purposes.  When using comments received from guests we use only the first name and last initial and in some cases the city and state of the person commenting. Ouzel Outfitters has no control over imagery or information gathered and used or distributed by individual guests.
Licensing & Permits
Ouzel Holding Co. Inc., does business as Ouzel Outfitters and is an equal opportunity recreation service provider.  Ouzel Outfitters is a licensed outfitter in Oregon and Idaho and operates under special permits issued by the Bureau of Land Management and the Umpqua, Rogue River-Siskiyou and Willamette National Forest Service Districts. 

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